Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Greening the Church for Christmas

St. Margaret’s Altar Guild and Friends “Greened” the Church for Christmas On Sunday morning, December 21st after worship. There had been a snow storm. Fourteen of us were able to stay to help.

I was asked to help decorating the “Peterson” Christmas Tree.
This was so much fun and hilarious now that I am sitting at home. We had to string those lights on that tree 3 times. I asked if they knew if the lights were working and nobody knew. So Dan said well we better plug them in. Then we couldn't find the end. So I unstrung the lights and found that the end had been plugged into itself. So we unplugged it and restrung them. Then Dan was trying to find the male end to plug into the wall. But, all he had was a female end, and he said you can't plug a female end into the wall. So he said we had to undo the tree and then redo the lights. So we had to redo the lights and plug the star into the female end so we could plug the tree in. It's funny now.
When Dan put one of the bows under the star where his wife told him, but then went to help with something else. He asked, “W here is she? She has to approve my work.” We told him it looked great. The bow stayed put.

While we were trimming the tree, pointsetta plants, green sways and wreathes were put out by the Altar Guild. My Daughter Abigail found the drums left out for the Christmas Eve Church School Pageant. She couldn’t wait to bang on those drums. Caleb was so wonderful with her. Playing with her and teaching her. She loved watching him.

Everyone was hard at work. The the star was being hung up. It was raised and lowered quite a bit, but sure looks wonderful now. It made us all nervous each time Scott stood on the narrow back edge of a pew to reach to the heights. So Kathy and Jenn staged a demo of the proper way to use a stepladder! Abigail ran down the center aisle trying to catch the moving star as it was being hung. The final stage seemed to go better with the oversight of the women! But, everyone did a fantastic job.

Christmas Music was played by Alice. She sang and played Jingle Bells, and wonderful bells and chimes on the organ. Jenn practiced the solo she will sing on Christmas Eve. It was truly wonderful. Canon Lexa put out the Nativity figures with white lights. We were almost done, when my Husband Jim took this picture to prove I do know how to use a vacuum cleaner. {Not funny, Jim. ;-)}

We worked and laughed so much. It was great. All done, everyone sat in the pews to admire the beauty of the church while listening to beautiful music being sung and played. It was Kathy's turn to reherse her solo piece for Christmas Eve.

What a GREAT day and wonderful fun time we had.

Thank you so much for letting us help y'all "Green The Church". We had so much fun. There was alot of laughter going on. I commented on all the photos and put them in chronological order. We laughed so much. Marian, Dan and Mickie- his wife , Jennifer with Caleb, Scott, Kathy, Alice, Canon Lexa, Ken and Sue, and the four of us. It was so much fun. My cheeks hurt from all the smiling. WE had a blast helping, and it went up so fast, and the church really looks great.
Thank you,
Jim, Sarah, Abigail, and the Infant James (who ate and slept most of the time)

Note from Canon Lexa: Sarah sent along a dozen pictures she and Jim took on Sunday. The choice of these two to add to her notes was mine. We will try to put the others in other notes or in an album on our website.

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