Saturday, January 16, 2010


Date: January 14, 2010 6:44:50 PM EST
To: readers of "Maggie's Cross"
Subject: For our brothers and sisters in Haiti

Dear Friends,
Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.
- Haiti is the largest and fastest-growing diocese in The Episcopal Church.
- There are over 83,000 Episcopalians in Haiti
- There are over 110 Episcopal Churches in Haiti, and over 200 Episcopal schools
The Episcopal Church in Haiti has lost a cathedral, convent, Holy Trinity Complex, College St. Pierre, and a Jubilee Center. The Bishop has no place to live. Thankfully, the four missionaries are all accounted for - Mallory Holding, Jude Harmon, Oge Beauvoir and his wife Serette.

How can you help?
Check the Haiti page on Episcopal Relief & Development website

Donate and encourage others to donate to Episcopal Relief & Development by calling 800-334-7626 ext 5129.
Episcopal Relief & Development has a four star rating on Charity Navigator and meets all 20 standards of the Better Business Bureau.
Please do not encourage anyone to travel to Haiti.
Priority must be given to first responders and a few relief agencies so as not to over-burden the already compromised infrastructure.
Thank you for all that you do for our Church.
Malaika Kamunanwire,
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications
Episcopal Relief & Development


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