Thursday, February 21, 2008

Even Better . . .

Have you seen the VW commerical... the "Sign and Drive Event"?
Drivers crash into pylons and each other (!) as they sign their names to pages on clip boards resting on their steering wheels. The youthful announcer seems puzzled until a cohort whispers in his ear. He announces a change... the "Sign then Drive Event"; everyone breathes a sigh of relief at the correction; and he adds, "Even better. . . ."

So, here's my correction.

The newsletter says that the March 1st Feed the Flock community breakfast menu will feature "pancakes".
The plan is to feature "French Toast".

And I say,

So mark the date.
And mark the last Saturday of March which is also a Feed the Flock breakfast.
And plan to invite a friend to join you... for French Toast!! Egg McMargarets!! Breakfast Burritos!! and more...

Canon Lexa +

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Enlighten our Worship. . . .

Dear Friends,

Countless Sunday mornings, I have prayed that God "enlighten our worship and lead us all to greater depths of love and service for His name's sake".
Come to worship this Sunday to see how God has answered that prayer!!

Canon Lexa +

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The "Super Bowl" of Coffee Hours

The very unofficial results are in. . .tonight it will be a rout.
The hosts of this morning's Coffee Hour at St. M's held a mini "Super Bowl" party for us all.
Cheese and nachos, pigs in the blanket and...

Two cakes decorated with team logos and colors.

The Congregation had been invited to come on down after worship and everyone was told to vote for their favorite team by eating up the other team's cake!

Well, I never. . .
The youngest among us were hopping up and down to get the last slice of the NY Giants cake eaten.
There were even rumors of a "Cake Gate" scandal as Tinsely was accused of making the NE Patriots cake slices bigger than those of the competition. Imagine that and in the Undercroft of a Church, no less.

And, when all was said and done, there it sat...
One half of a very patriotic cake.

Fun was had by all.
Thanks to Sally W., Tinsely F., Mack W., Mike F. and little Carter- the crawling full back. . . all the way back to his Mom.

Peace to all.