Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Rocky Sunday - Getting Ready for October 5th

Thirty people, in less than one hour, and all the rocks were laid out along the markings to complete our outdoor labyrinth. It will be formally dedicated on Centennial Homecoming Sunday, October by The Rev. Elizabeth Haynes at 1:30 p.m. It will be known as "The Emmaus Walk" at St. Margaret's Church. This is a meditative garden area open to the public. Labyrinths are ancient spiritual tools. They were first built on the grounds of cathedrals in the Middle Ages when travel for Pilgrims was unsafe. Labyrinths are not to be confused with mazes that are designed to trick and fool and lead astray. When you faithfully follow the path of a labyrinth, it will take you safety to the center and back out again. Many people have found that walking to the center is a good time to either shed cares or to carry a question. Often labyrinth walkers linger quietly in the center. As they leave the center, they may find that they are carrying a boon or picking up good energy.

Let us know about your experience after you walk!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Hope Sunday

Sunday, September 22
New Hope Sunday
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Hallelujah! Less than one year from the formal kick-off date of the New Hope Campaign we have raised pledges of over $3,730,000. This surpasses our original goal of $3,6000,000. You have show faith, hope and charity helping us to lift up our needy brothers and sister here and in Kajo Keji. As a Diocese I believe we have matured in our mutual faith. We have grown as we have left our personal agendas behind and met at Christ's side, following, His agenda. This is loving others as ourselves.
As you read this, we are receiving grant application from local parishes to support new outreach initiatives. In Kajo Kei, we have completed one third of the college. This month we are breaking ground to build the first New Hope primary school in Romogi. This fall, Trip Tepagnier, Chair of the World Mission Committee, and I will be meeting with the representatives of Grameen Microfinance Bank in Washington, DC and the Five Talents Microfinance organization in Virginia to begin to develop our microfinance project.
Our fund raising work is not yet completed. Due to changes beyond our control, we need to raise another $400,000 in pledges. This is due to three factors:
1.Our original estimates of the costs of building the schools were roughly 200% lower than the actual costs
2. The government of the New Sudan has doubled the minimum number of classrooms per school.
3. Due to the building boom in the New Sudan, concrete and other construction materials have experienced hyper-inflation, some commodities have tripled in price.
Without these additional funds two schools will not be built and supported, taking the promise of a better future from over 500 children per year. The literacy rate in Southern Sudan is estimated to be 15 to 20%. In ten years time our New Hope primary schools alone can double the literacy rate. You can insure that a child learns to read, read the gospels. We can start a virtuous cycle of success. This week, I increased my pledge to New Hope. I ask you to join me.
Charlie Barebo
New Hope Chair

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blogging for MDGs

Sept. 25th: Pray. Fast. Witness.

Two prayers form a specific foundation for this movement.
The first is the EGR Prayer ... written for the movement by one of its founders, the Rt. Rev. Jeffery Rowthorn.

The EGR Prayer
+ Most loving God, as your desire for mercy for the poor is unrelenting, may we be unrelenting in our pursuit of mercy for all; as your compassion for the suffering of the poor knows no limit, may our hearts overflow with compassion for all; as you long for justice for the poor, may we strive for justice for all. Open our eyes to the structures of oppression from which we benefit, and give us courage to accept our responsibility, wisdom to chart a sound course amid complexity, and perseverance to continue our work until it is finished. Breathe your life-giving Spirit afresh into your Church to free us from apathy and indifference; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The second is the Counting Prayer -- a worldwide interfaith movement to pray for the will to end extreme poverty. Please go to and learn how to add you and your congregation to those praying daily and weekly for the will to make poverty history.

The Counting Prayer
"The world now has the means to end extreme poverty;
we pray we will have the will."

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